Asylum Guide Project

Asylum Guides is a national programme which emerged from Refugee Action’s access to justice work, rooted in the principles of Early Action. It supports people early in their asylum journey to address the causes of crisis or prevent barriers to justice. They have been delivering programmes across the UK since 2016.
Asylum Guides are trained volunteers, matched up with asylum seekers to provide legal information about the asylum process. Over the course of a few meetings, they explain the asylum system in a way that is accessible and easy to understand.
MRSN is now launching the project as we expand our services to work specifically with asylum seekers.

Asylum Guide Referral Details

Please view the referral form here and once completed, please email the form to

The Asylum Guide project is currently delivered by volunteers. We will respond to referrals as soon as possible but this may not necessarily be the same day. On receiving a referral we will make steps to find a suitable Asylum Guide Volunteer match and we will contact the client. If the Asylum Guide project cannot find a suitable match within 5 days from the receipt of referral, the Asylum Guide Project Co-ordinator will inform the referrer.


If you would like to apply to volunteer as an Asylum Guide, please view the role description here: Asylum Guide Role Outline
Please then complete this application form:Asylum Guide volunteer application  and the equality and diversity form: Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form. Once completed, please email both to Bridget, our Asylum Guide Coordinator at 
No previous knowledge of the asylum system is  required, but we encourage those with lived experience of it to apply.
You can learn more about Asylum Guides, and access the volunteer toolkit here:

Consent and Information Sharing Form

For some of our work within this project, we need your consent to store and share some personal information. If you have been instructed by your asylum guide, please click below to complete your consent to information sharing form.