Our member organisations:

  • MaCo
  • African Francophone Integration Project
  • Bosnian Supplementary School
  • Zimbabwean Community
  • Eritrean Community of Greater Manchester
  • Ethiopian Community
  • Hazara Community Association (Afghanistan)
  • Kurdish Society of Manchester
  • Manchester Congolese Organisation
  • North West Oromo Community (Ethiopia)
  • Pakistani Refugee Organisation
  • Salford welcome Group
  • Sudanese Community Association
  • Somali Bravanese Sisters
  • Tamil Refugee Welcome group
  • United Somali Bravanese Community
  • Horsed Development and Youth Culture
  • Manchester Sudanese Tree Development
  • Manchester Sudanese Cultural Society
  • Merhaba Community Association in Greater Manchester /MCA-GM/.
  • WAST Zimbabwe Women`s Organisation (ZIWO)

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