Our dedicated team continuing to support refugees and asylum seekers through online skills training

Our Shared Routes project train people from migrant backgrounds including refugees and asylum seekers in skills they need for volunteering. They then work hard to connect them to volunteering opportunities. COVID-19 hit our Shared Routes Project team hard, as they were no longer able to meet face to face with volunteers. However, they have adapted amazingly, and continue to run this much needed training.

This project engages people offering them much needed chances to gain valuable experiences and to connect locally. Equally as important, it helps to diversify the workforce of local organisations so that knowledge and perspectives of refugees and asylum seekers are included in their services.

Here are some voices of people who participated in our training.

“You guys were very friendly and the training was very informative. The workshops were very fruitful for me. And at this situation with Coronavirus, you know, we are sitting in the house hopeless because of limitation but you guys gave us the inspiration to do something and those workshops for me it is like a good preparation. Thank you.” (Manal*)

“Thank you very much to the Shared Routes team for this training where we gained a lot of skills and knowledge as well as more confidence. Thank you very much for being very patient when we have language problems  – I have been in this country only for four months. It has been very helpful to make sure we understand everything by explaining things again until we understand.
It was a friendly environment and we met many people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. We made a lot of friends. Now I know more ways to talk, make friends and build relationships. This helps me very much in the future. Thank you very much. (Adnan*)

“After my attending the Shared Routes training programme I feel more confident in British culture, because nobody told me about this culture before. I learnt a lot of new things about this. I really liked role play games, especially speaking by the phone. This knowledge very helpful in everyday life. All trainers were very friendly. (Maria*)

This is just some of the many stories of people we have supported through our projects at MRSN. 

In order that we can do more to help people through this project, we need to continue to raise money through regular giving or one off donations.

If you would like to donate financially, or help us share word of this, please click here.