One would imagine that for asylum seekers, receiving a positive decision on their asylum claim would be a moment of great relief and joy. Under the present circumstances, it is anything but that.

Now classed as refugees, asylum seekers who have been granted ‘refugee leave to remain’ are given just 28 days to secure an income and find somewhere to live, before the government evicts them from their asylum accommodation. This daunting time restriction – known as the ‘move on period’, leaves numerous newly recognised refugees; sleeping rough, sofa surfing, or in destitution and homelessness.

MRSN’s Refugee Integration Service (RIS) aims to provide meaningful support to all refugees about to embark on this life-changing journey, of life in the UK. RIS with its range of services tries to meet their urgent and basic needs. This includes ensuring they are in receipt of essential identification cards and documentation, opening bank accounts, applying for any benefits they may be entitled to, finding housing, trying to secure employment education or training opportunities, as well as accessing health and other relevant services. Aside from all the practical support it offers, RIS is also on hand to offer a listening ear and emotional support.

The shortage of housing available is a great cause of anxiety for newly recognised refugees and one MRSN cannot tackle alone. A number of landlords are already working with RIS and have offered to let their properties to refugees. A local housing association recognised this need and lent its support by letting MRSN manage a property for homeless refugees. Recently, another housing provider has provided one of their properties for the cause of refugees.

Unfortunately, all this goodwill is not enough to make a dent in refugee homelessness. MRSN needs your help to tackle this urgent problem of refugee homelessness and destitution. Do you have a second home you do not use, or a shelter we can accommodate people in?

We are looking for:

  • More properties to use as house shares for our single adult refugees
  • Monetary donations to go towards purchasing properties
  • Office space as we have outgrown the tiny shop front we use for our offices
  • Essential furnishing items to help turn our houses into ‘homes’
  • Resources to be able to employ another member of staff to help meet the demands of this much needed work
  • People who can raise funds and/or are experienced in writing funding applications.

Please help MRSN put an end to Refugee Homelessness and Destitution NOW!

Please use our online donation portal, or contact the manager Belay Kahsay directly –