Storage and Service Expansion Appeal

Support the expansion of MRSN Facilities and Projects to meet growing needs of refugees and asylum seekers across Greater Manchester

Donate property and storage to MRSN, in order that we can continue to meet our clients growing needs

MRSN is a grassroots project that was setup over 24 years ago in order to support refugees and asylum seekers with a range of issues. In this time, we have developed a number of projects to respond to the needs of our client group. In the wake of the COVID pandemic, we have had to rapidly evolve and develop new projects to continue meeting the needs of our clients. This has meant accessing two local church halls, one  in which to deliver our socially distant drop in advice sessions and the other for storing all manner of much needed donated items for our asylum seekers and refugee clients who are very much reliant upon these goods for their survival.

The expansion of our projects have meant that we have completely outgrown our current facilities and are in desperate need of more properties to use.

All of our projects, except one, are conducted from our tiny shop front  office in Moss side. Normally this tiny space is used to deliver 4 well attended weekly drop in sessions,  1-2-1 client case work, various meetings, small group work activities and much more. During this pandemic we are using our reception waiting area to temporarily house the operation of our high demand destitute project which places restrictions on the amount of food we able to provide in this limited space. The expansion of our growing services means we have now dramatically outgrown this facility and need a much larger work space in which to effectively deliver our services. See the video below of how we have turned our 45 seater reception waiting area  into a space to run our destitution food project.

During the month of  November 2020 we launched our housing aid appeal project to support our vulnerable homeless destitute refugees. This too requires further storage to avoid us turning down offers of essential household goods and items. With this we are appealing for help for more properties to house our homeless refugees.

We are already working with a number of landlords who have offered to let their properties to refugees; a local housing association recognised this need and lent its support by letting MRSN manage a property for homeless refugees; and recently, another housing provider has provided one of their properties for the cause of refugees.

Unfortunately, the shortage of housing available continues to be a major issue and all this goodwill is not enough to make a dent in refugee homelessness.

MRSN needs your help to tackle this urgent problem of refugee homelessness and destitution.

We need donations of finances and properties to meet this need

Therefore, in order that we can continue to grow to meet the needs of the present and the future we are looking for the following:

  • We need properties to provide homes for our homeless refugees and those seeking asylum.
  • We have outgrown our tiny shop front office and need much bigger premises in which to deliver our range of holistic services including our new destitution project that provides free culturally appropriate food parcels and other essential items for our refugees and asylum seekers.
  • We need storage space for a range of donated and other items, food and fresh produce and other equipment that we often have to turn down due to lack of storage space.
  • We need interior paint, furniture and other essential household items to help turn houses into homes.

How to donate

If you would like to support us financially, please donate by clicking the link here. There are also lots of helpful ideas for fundraising that you can find here.

  • Your gift of £10 can pay the weekly rent of a storage unit.
  • Your gift of £15 could pay for broadband for a month to help with job searches and access to other important online services.
  • Your gift of £25 could go towards purchasing a PC per household.
  • Your gift of £50 could provide floor covering for one room.
  • Your gift of £300 can pay rent for a month and take someone off the street
  • Your gift of £500 can purchase essential household items such as a washing machine and computer equipment.
  • Your gift of £1000 can provide intensive support to a vulnerable refugee

If you have property or storage space that you would like to discuss contributing to these projects, please call Andrea on 07592 364 040 or email Andrea at