A family safely reunited at last

As a part of the Check in and Chat buddy scheme, our volunteers speak to their buddies over the phone to offer support, whether it be through teaching them English or just having someone to talk to.

Recently, one of our volunteers was talking to their buddy who was updating him on his current situation. This volunteer was told that his buddy had been separated from his sons who were at risk of being sent to Spain. This story was shared by The Guardian and you can read more below:


Our volunteer saw the seriousness of this issue, so decided to guide his buddy by explaining to him how he can appeal to the court and found him connections to lawyers through a staff member at MRSN. Now, the three sons have been told that they can stay in the UK and are in the process of being able to move back to be with their father.

At the end of September, one of our colleagues received a phone call from one of the sons as soon as they arrived back in Manchester. He contacted us to inform us that all the brothers were re-united together with their dad.

We are absolutely overjoyed for them! Jennifer, our Destitute Project coordinator immediately informed one of our volunteer drivers to let her know as she was keeping an eye on their father whilst the boys were in the detention centre in Gatwick Airport awaiting the home office decision. We packed an extra food parcel for them all on Friday. The family contacted us to let us know how grateful they are for our continued support.

Since then, we have met up with the family to help them with warm clothing for the winter, and they are restarting on their ESOL courses. 

We are so happy that they are reunited again and able to rebuild their lives.

This is just one of the many stories of people we have supported through our projects at MRSN. 

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