Community Development

Our community development project works with refugee communities to help them organise and work together to improve the quality of community life. We believe that it is important for policy and decision-makers to listen to refugee communities in UK. We work with groups to help them develop a collective voice, and take action to meet the needs of their wider communities. Our work in this area also boosts cohesion and cooperation between and among Manchester’s rich and diverse communities.
We work alongside local development workers and other capacity building agencies to achieve this. We also work to influence policy and strategy in this area alongside other partners.

We work with over 40 refugee organisations in Greater Manchester.

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Please call on 0161 868 0777

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Volunteer with the Community Development Project

One of MRSN's core roles is supporting Refugee Community Organisations (RCOs) to become strong and independent through our community development project. MRSN has a membership of 21 RCOs and is in contact with around 40 in Greater Manchester. MRSN is currently seeking to develop the role of volunteers in this area of work, for which there is a great demand. Volunteers might support new RCOs with the tasks involved in setting up a new organisation or in developing projects and activities. Or they could assist in providing information through MRSN's quarterly newsletter for RCOs, or its directory of RCOs.

If you are interested in volunteering with this project please email Belay on

Please note, we are not currently actively recruiting for this volunteer role so you may no receive a response immediately if we are focusing our efforts on other projects.