Donate to support isolated refugees in hotels

For the last few weeks, staff from MRSN have been going into hotels to meet with refugees who fled Afghanistan.
We are pleased to announce that some children have already started school and are beginning to adjust to their new life. Due to the efforts of many amazing fundraisers we have already raised money which we have begun using to pay for clothes, food and equipment needed, by refugees who have escaped Afghanistan with nothing. In addition to funds raised by individual donors we have been able to secure funding for staff hours in order to work directly with refugees from Afghanistan.

Due to the traumatic events refugees have experienced, and the feeling of isolation within hotels, we are doing all we can to also ensure we can meet people’s wellbeing needs.
Within the hotels where refugees are staying we have begun arranging groups of people to go in to teach English and meet with people to assess their needs. We have lots of requests for resources to improve people’s mental health and wellbeing. This includes sportswear so that people can get involved in football sessions, and winter coats so that people can leave the hotel to get to know the city. We’d also like to arrange professionals to go into the hotels to run training and sessions.

Due to a shortage of housing, many people will live in hotels for many months and it is important we conduct outreach to support people’s mental health, and give people the insight they need to begin rebuilding their lives.
Living in hotels is difficult, as people are unable to settle and build roots into a new community as they don’t know where they will eventually be placed by the government. People are restless to contribute and to gain autonomy over their life. Within the hotels, it is hard for refugees to feel a sense of ownership over their lives as they are limited to what they can do and have to wait months and sometimes years for decisions from the home office, which can lead to anxiety and depression.

With your financial donations we can provide the resources and support people need so that they can begin to adjust and cope with their new lives in the UK

  • £10 will buy all the education equipment a child needs for school.
  • £40 will buy essential clothes items for one individual.
  • £90 will buy a group activity and resources to support mental wellbeing and community
  • £150 will buy 90 minutes of group counselling

Thank you for your support during this time so that we may do all we can to support refugees rebuilding their lives in Manchester.