Food parcels for families in need

A family of 4 fled to the UK over a month ago and are now living in Manchester. We received a text from one of the family members in August regarding help with food, clothing, hygiene products and improving their English communication skills. We spoke to one of the eldest children (B) and gathered the necessary details for the destitute project support in order to decide on what we can provide.

B told me that they only have only the clothing that they came to the UK with and nothing to change into. B stated that the shoes he is wearing was given to him by the immigration centre as he needed footwear but it is slightly tight and although the shoes are for female he was still grateful to have them.

I asked one of my volunteers who speaks B’s native language to get the answers to some questions I needed to ask in order to best decide on how to move forward. Through this, there is a possibility that I will also identify other areas for signposting.

MRSN now provide the family with weekly food parcels as only B is receiving his National Asylum Support Service support of £35 per week, which is not enough to support a family until they are all in receipt. We will put a request out for bedding and kitchen utensils and anything else they need to reduce destitution.

The family sent MRSN a text message of their sincerest gratitude for all the contents of the food parcel, they were so surprised and it brought so much relief to them as a family, restoring their faith in the human race again.

This is just one of the many stories of people we have supported through the destitute project. 

In order that we can do more to help people through this project, we need to continue to raise money through regular giving or one off donations.

If you would like to donate financially, or help us share word of this, please click here.