Fundraise for us

Why fundraise for us?

We appreciate all support and donations as they enable us to support even more refugees and asylum seekers across Greater Manchester. However fundraising not only means you have the potential of raising more financial support but you also raise awareness of the issues refugees face and awareness of the work of MRSN in addressing these.

A lot of people are simply not aware of the difficulties refugees face because they have not been exposed to those situations. However many people are keen to learn more. 

By hosting your own fundraiser, you can present an opportunity for friends and family to learn more. You also give an opportunity for people to feel they can do their bit to help in what can seem like an overwhelming cause. 

How can I fundraise?

So you’ve decided you want to run a fundraiser but you’re not sure how. It can also seem even more impossible in a pandemic where event possibilities are limited.

There are still a wealth of creative ways you can support our work. Consider your talents, passions and resources available to you. We have listed a bunch of ideas below but don’t let that limit you, see where your inspiration takes you. Pick something that you know you would enjoy running or getting involved in yourself. Excitement is infectious and people will be inspired by your passion.

Finally please do not hesitate to contact us to tell us your fundraiser plans. With your consent, we want to support you to raise more, so we would love to share through our own networks.

This has the added bonus of inspiring more of our supporters to try your ideas or get creative with their own ideas.

We’d also love to send you any resources or information that may help you.

Therefore please contact our Resource Development Worker, Heather, at to ask advise.

A really easy fundraiser to organise and can get some generous donations. Why not arrange a fundraiser zoom call with friends to share some information about the situation of refugees and the situations refugees and asylum seekers are currently facing in the UK, the work of MRSN to address that, and the specific appeal you are fundraising for.

There are lots of movies that look at why people have had to flee their countries and the lives of refugees. A few have been listed below. Have a google of them to make sure that they are appropriate for your target audience.

After the movie you could hold a discussion for people to share their thoughts and feelings on this, as many of these movies can be difficult to watch. You can then explain more about the appeal and give people the option that if they would like to give to this appeal they can through our localgiving or crowdfunder page or direct to your fundraiser.

Swap shops are one of the things I miss the most in lockdown, and as people become more aware of the damage fast fashion industries, swap shops were rapidly growing in popularity.

We cannot at this time meet up to rummage through each other’s wardrobes but we can still host a swap shop through the power of technology.

Why not create an online Facebook group with your friends and ask everyone to donate a certain amount to be involved. I usually charge £5 to attend swap shops I host.

You can all post photos of the clothes you want to get rid of and then the first to comment on that item of clothing gets it. Remember, people can only take as many items of clothes as they donate so be very clear on the rules so no fights break out over the same clothing item.

Then it is down to you to arrange how people get all their clothes.

  • If you’re local, people could drop items off at each other’s houses or you could responsibly meet outdoors to swap the agreed items.
  • For further away participants, you will have to agree on who is paying the postage costs to each other. But if they are some great clothes, then a couple of pounds postage isn’t too bad.
  • Any clothes that you aren’t able to swap but still want to get rid of, you can ask with us or other charities if you can donate them. We often have people in need of clothes as they arrive in the clothes they wore when fleeing their country.

Many of us in lockdown have had more time to discover hidden talents we didn’t know we had. As people are trying to come up with different Christmas gift ideas, and some of are trying to avoid shopping on amazon (although if you will be using amazon, use amazon smile and choose MRSN as your charity you’d like to donate to. Click here to find out more.). Therefore, you can get as creative as you like. If you’d like to sell knitted jumpers or your baking skills, where all profits go to MRSN, then go for it.

Why not sell your sourdough starter, parts of your kombucha scoby or kefir?

But equally, some of my favourite Christmas presents have been simple ones with a message behind it. You may just want to sell or giveaway simple postcards, stating that this present paid for a house or refugees to get broadband for a month to help with job searches and access to other important online services.

We all got involved in the online pub quizzes in the first lockdown and many have lost any enthusiasm for coming up with creative team names and doing it again. However, if you and your friends are still inspired by the prospect of that, then get creative with your questions and ask for a donation to take part.

If you are looking for inspiration get on or sporcle to get ideas or to run the quiz and ask for a small donation to take part.

Whether you are a professional gamer or a casual player, you can stream your gaming on Twitch. Twitch is a social media platform, which revolves around gaming, or so I have been told by my friend who streams. It’s best to get a team of a fair few people, ie around 5 people and get it shared and promoted a lot across social media and twitch networks. You can then ask for donations for people to watch.

Earlier in lockdown, celebrities raised money for World Central Kitchen by recreating scenes from the Princess Bride in their houses. I would highly recommend watching it if you can find a copy of it on quibi and if you would like to see a clip, click here.

If your friends are as equally (or even better if they’re not) artistically talented, why not get people to recreate a scene in a movie or a classic music video. You can also get your musician friends together to record separate parts. You can then share this across your own platforms to bring a smile to people’s faces as well as let them know that you’re fundraising for MRSN.

Ask people to donate to take part in a book trade, you can even specify that the books need to be related to specific topics such as the experiences of refugees, whether fact or fiction. You could ask everyone to sign up and donate a certain amount to take part.

Then, with people’s consent, you get everyone to send a book to another person taking part. Not only do you get to enlighten someone else with a book you finished a while ago and has been sat on your shelf, you get a gift in return. Forever learning.

So, you’ve honed your craft or art over the last few months of the pandemic, and now people want to know how they can get good at it too. You could offer a one night only, or regular training on how to do your skill. Whatever that may be, whether it is making one of your fav recipes; sewing a dress to specific measurements; teaching how to play a song on an instrument (or many); woodwork creating; coding a game; a tour of complex software (especially seen as so many of us are having to level up our tech skills right now). Your imagination is the limit.

You could invite people and let them know beforehand what they need to prepare to join the class if they’d like to get involved, or people can just watch. Ask for a donation and then send out your zoom link so that people can watch what you do and ask questions when they come into problems. At the end, you can share out some instructions so people can keep practising or creating from home.

A classic. Whether it is a demonstration of your sporting prowess or feat designed to embarrass, you can gather lots of sponsors. If you had plans to hike in the Rockies, or anywhere else in 2020 and had to cancel your plans, why not create an equivalent distanced challenge in the UK.

If you have a sports team, why not create a challenge you can all get involved in either in the sports field or in everyone’s own back garden.

Volunteer Fundraiser

We are looking for volunteer fundraisers to work individually or as part of a fundraising group to generate income through online or offline activities to support the work of MRSN.

Skills/experience needed:

  • Energy, enthusiasm, creativity, organisational skills
  • Previous experience of fundraising would be a bonus
  • Organise online fundraising events and activities
  • Organise events and activities
  • Willingness to engage with organisations and individuals

If you are interested in running a fundraiser as a team or independently, please email and tell her some of your plans for your fundraiser.