Fundraise with us

Your fundraising has a huge impact. Not only does it mean that you are providing support for the people we work with, but your support is also an act of welcoming kindness to refugees and asylum seekers. It helps us to challenge fear, intolerance, celebrate diversity and respect, and make Manchester a welcoming city for refugees and asylum seekers.

There are a wealth of creative ways you can support our work. Consider your talents, passions and resources available to you and explore some of the ideas shown below.  

Keep in contact

Please do not hesitate to contact us to tell us your fundraiser plans. We want to support you to raise more, so we would love to share news about your fundraiser through our own network, as well as send across any information or promotional material you may need.

Please contact our Resource Development Worker, Heather, at

Frequently Asked Questions

Paying in your donation is simple. You can pay it in online or post a cheque payable to Manchester Refugee Support Network to: Manchester Refugee Support Network, 129 Princess Road, Moss Side, Manchester, M14 4RB. Remember to include a note that this is money you’ve raised and let us know if you’d like it to go towards a specific appeal.

Please don’t send cash in the post.

To claim Gift Aid on your fundraising, we must have the first name or initials, last name, full home address and postcode of each individual donor/sponsor and whether each donor/sponsor is eligible to provide gift aid.  Without these details we legally can’t claim Gift Aid.

Thank you so much for raising money for MRSN, we really appreciate your support! Please send us a cheque made payable to ‘Manchester Refugee Support Network’ to:

Manchester Refugee Support Network
129 Princess Road
Moss Side
M14 4RB

It would be great if you could also let us know how you raised the money (and be sure to include your name and email address so that we can send you a thank you email!)

Yes of course. You cannot change the logo in any way and you must ensure that you represent MRSN correctly. 

If you would like a copy of our logo or other promotional material please email Heather at

All staff salaries and project admin costs are paid through funding bodies, therefore all the fundraising individuals raise goes directly to the people we support. 

If you donate directly to an appeal then funds raised will go towards things stated in that appeal. 

If you donate to our general fundraiser page then money will often go towards buying food, furniture, clothes, necessary items or services that our clients need.

If you would like to set up to automatically donate once a month, please click here and click the blue button that says “Give Monthly”. You will then be able to set up your account with local giving to become a regular donor.