June 2020 Update Newsletter

Please view our June 2020 Update Newsletter by clicking here.

As we adapt to this new way of working during the Coronavirus outbreak, MRSN would like to share with you our Partners and Funders the steps we have taken to ensure we continue to provide a high quality service to and for our beneficiaries. We have produced this newsletter to share our developments and some good practice ideas that initially presented as a barrier, but now is much less of a barrier.

Following COVID-19 guidelines as set out by the government, a joint team effort by staff and volunteers at MRSN has allowed us to rise above the challenge and are proud to share with you our third monthly COVID-19 Newsletter.

We look forward to sharing further updates with you in our July Edition Newsletter. In the meantime as you have a glance through our June Newsletter, stay safe, keep well and remain positive.

In Peace