June 2021 Newsletter

On behalf of all staff, volunteer’s, trustees and recipients, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our funders and supporters for your continued financial assistance during the pandemic and the continuing emergence from this.

We apologise for the delay in releasing our newsletter update. The last few months have been an incredibly hectic time. We currently have a few of valued members of our team off with illnesses which has meant other staff having to take on a bigger work load. However, we are so grateful for our resourcefulness and can do attitude of the team. Our colleagues absolutely come first and there was not a single hesitation within our team to share the workload so people could take the time they needed to rest and recover. We wish all of them a full and quick recovery.

Within April, it was our responsibility as a charity to share our annual report to our funders, therefore we took time to review all our statistics on the people we have supported over the last year. Our annual report is being finalised further by our trustees before we are able to share this with a wider audience however, we are able to share some of these statistics with you in this newsletter update. Look out for these statistics for each project.

Please read our quarterly newsletter for June 2021 by clicking here.

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