Kashif’s Story

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I would like to share a remarkable experience which I am going through during the COVID-19 pandemic. I have always fancied learning an electric drum machine, as I am a live musician so I really feel I need that skill to enhance my musical performance.

In normal routine life it is almost impossible to learn that skill as I work for MRSN part time in Shared Routes Project and then I drive Uber on weekend. COVID-19 provides me the opportunity to have that free time to concentrate fully on the weekend, as no one is visiting and I have nowhere to visit. I have turned all my free time to learning these skills by following YouTube tutorials.

I am really proud to have learned how to build musical patterns as well as play certain Music themes etc. It’s very strange how humans can modify themselves in any situation.

My message is please do not feel depressed and low in this difficult time. Please learn something new, and build your personality through positivity.



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