Making a house a home

In October, we released the following story in our newsletter. For years we have been working with landlords and housing associations to ensure that refugees have a safe place to call home so they can recover from the trauma they have faced and rebuild their lives. Since releasing this story, we decided that we needed to do more to provide homes for refugees. That’s why we have launched our housing appeal so refugees are not left to sleep and survive on the streets of Greater Manchester.

1 in 2 refugees are forced to sleep rough or are in a homeless shelter after being told to leave their home office accommodation. They are given just 28 days’ notice leave to go and fend for themselves once they are granted refugee status. Since Covid-19, this includes learning to navigate their way through very complex bureaucratic systems and processes that are increasingly becoming more online. This causes further exclusion for refugees and asylum seekers who are significantly affected by digital poverty.

An ongoing partnership arrangement with ForHousing in Eccles led to MRSN acquiring a property to manage for the purpose of supporting homeless refugee families resettle and integrate as they embark on rebuildingtheir lives in the UK. This is one of several managed properties ran by MRSN.

Our newest family to benefit from this provision is the Hussein* family who have 3 children with a new arrival due in a few weeks. Arriving in January, Mrs Hussein and children were all reunited again with the children’s father. Numerous moves whilst being placed in and out of several hostels (in less than ideal living conditions) was very unsettling for the new arrivals and family as a whole. The lack of a settled home environment, in the middle of a pandemic and school closures made it extremely difficult for the family to begin adjusting and adapting to life in the UK.

ForHousing are delighted to work in partnership with the support of MRSN. It is a much needed service providing safe and secure accommodation for people in great need.

The family now have a RIS caseworker who has helped settle the family into their new home by; accessing essential furniture and items, identifying suitable utility providers, arranging repairs, securing school placements, conducting orientation of local vicinity and so much more. We could not have achieved a smoother move-in without the support of ForHousing,
Manchester City Council Welfare Provision, Save the Children UK Emergency Response, GM BAME Network and Salford School Admissions, not forgetting the businesses and individuals (far too numerous to mention) who responded to our appeal for donations and help. Everyone went beyond the call of duty to help turn this house into a home.

I am speechless and humbled by the response and support of the British public shown towards my family and myself, and we are truly grateful.

In between looking for work Mr Hussein has already started volunteering with MRSN as a way of giving back to the society that afforded him and his family protection. 

*Names changed in line with our confidentiality policy

How can you get involved?

This is just one story of a family who’s life has been changed by our project, but we want to do more. We need people to get involved to donate to our housing project.

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