The Destitution Project

MRSN would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated their time, food and energy to help the destitution project. In the past two years the project has delivered over 100 food parcels each week to asylum seekers, refugees and other vulnerable migrant groups throughout Greater Manchester. None of this would have been possible without our volunteers, who each week diligently  packed and delivered these food parcels.

Unfortunately the need for such a project is still very much apparent, with the cost of living increases and the current financial climate. However due to losing its venue the destitution project is currently on hold until a new premise can be secured.

A new venue would not have to be that large, with the project so far operating out of a small single roomed office, and this space would only need to be used two days a week, the day the food gets delivered to us and the next day for packaging and distributing to families around Manchester.

If you have any connections with regard to a space that can be used, whether is a office, room in a church, community centre or other please email