October 2021 Newsletter

On behalf of all staff, volunteer’s, trustees and recipients, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our funders and supporters for your continued financial assistance during the pandemic and the continuing emergence from this.

We want to begin this quarterly newsletter by saying that all our thoughts and prayers are with people who have fled or are still in Afghanistan. We are doing as much as possible to prepare to assist people in the transition to life in the UK. We receive so many enquiries from people who are worried for loved ones in Afghanistan and we wish we could do more. However, as we are a very small charity specialising in advice and training, we only have the capacity to support refugees and asylum seekers already within Greater Manchester.

We continue to get enquiries from individuals with offers of help, and we are still trying to get back to everyone so thank you everyone for your continued patience. This newsletter also includes some organisations we have discovered recently who also support refugees and asylum seekers so you can also reach out to them with any enquiries.

Please read our quarterly newsletter for October 2021 by clicking here.

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