Peer Navigator for Shared Routes Project

Thank you for joining the Shared Routes Project as a Peer Navigator.

In order to progress to complete this scheme you will need to complete the following forms.

Please click all the links below and complete the corresponding forms. 

Consent and information sharing form

We want to connect you with a range of volunteering opportunities. In order to do this, we need to have your consent to share some of your personal information with other service providers.

Therefore please complete the form below so that we can find a range of volunteering opportunities for you.

Equality monitoring form

By law we need our staff and volunteers to complete an equality monitoring form. This is an anonymous form. 

Please complete the form below.

Photo consent form

We may take photographs from time to time to share with our funders, or on marketing and promotional material.

Therefore please complete the photo consent form below so that we have permission to use these photographs.


We would love to hear feedback of what has changed for you as a result of taking part in the Shared Routes Training Programme.

Please complete this form at the end of your Shared Routes Training Programme.