Service Standards

When you reach out to MRSN for advice, these are the standards of service you can expect from our advice team.

In the context below, “We” refers to the staff team of advisors at MRSN.

  • We will provide advice services that are free, independent, impartial and confidential.
  • We will provide clients with a professional standard of service, respond as soon as possible to enquiries and direct the client appropriately (signposting if necessary).
  • Every individual who makes an enquiry with us gets a response and an explanation, even if we can only signpost the client elsewhere.
  • We will listen patiently to every client’s enquiry.
  • We will discuss with clients their needs, outline the options and what we believe to be the best form of action to take. However, clients are under no obligation to follow our advice.
  • We will treat clients fairly with respect and courtesy at all times; making our services accessible to as many people as possible.
  • We will ensure that each client understands what we are doing to help them and that the client agrees with the steps we are taking. If necessary we will source interpreters to assist with communication.
  • We will only share clients’ details with other services with the client’s informed and explicit written consent via our information sharing consent form.
  • We work within appropriate legislation and within the guidelines which are set out in our Quality Manual.
  • In the instance where we are not able to help the client through our services, we will signpost or refer clients to services outside the organisation that may help them more effectively and/or provide additional support. 
  • We will listen to client feedback and make improvements to service delivery where possible.
  • We will provide ongoing training and development to our staff and volunteers including relevant recognised qualifications, in order that clients receive a professional service.
  • We will review our Quality Policy yearly to ensure we maintain robust quality procedures and continue to deliver the highest quality advice services.

Standards of beneficiary experience

We hope that during us providing our advice support, our clients will feel the following:

  • Clients will feel that their needs have been listened to. 
  •           Clients leave our advice service feeling more informed than before they entered.

Feedback form for Advice Service

We are always appreciate hearing how we can improve on our services. Therefore if you have been supported via our advice service, please complete our anonymous feedback form. You can access the form through the button below.


Manchester Refugee Support Network aims to provide its members and service users with the best possible service. However, we recognise that from time to time there may be occasions when users of our services feel that the quality or level of service provided falls short of what they could reasonably expect.

Your continued goodwill is greatly valued by us and we would expect to resolve any day to day difficulties or complaints informally and as quickly as possible. In the first instance we would expect you to raise any complaint directly with the member of staff concerned.

For a formal complaints procedure please see the Feedback and Complaints policy here.

All formal complaints should be directed to the Manager at: