Shared Routes Project Questionnaire

Shared Routes Project: Training Outcomes Questionnaire

We are asking you tell us about what has changed for you as a result of attending the Shared Routes Training Programme. This is in total for the whole training  programme, so please think back across all of the sessions.
Data Protection
We ask for your name so that we can understand how well we have supported each individual. We will also ask you further questions after you have completed a period of volunteering. Having your name means that we can track what changes for you with time.
Please feel free to express your honest opinion as this will give us the best information.
Your answers will only be seen by the Shared Routes project team and our evaluator. We will
collate your responses anonymously with those from other people to report to our funders on the achievements of the project.
Changes to your skills, knowledge, understanding and experiences
For each of the following statements please select the response statement that best describes your own experience:
Through attending the Shared Routes training programme: