Thank You and Good Luck Terrey

It seems like Frances ‘Terrey’ Weir has been with MRSN for years (decades?). It must have taken a very long time to be this great at advise work? And she could only possibly be so helpful and dedicated to clients after many years of experience? And the fact that she seems to be such great friends with everyone she works with, surely they must go way back??

The fact that Terrey has only been volunteering at MRSN since January 2022, after enrolling on the Manchester Volunteer Advice Partnership course, speaks to what a positive effect she’s had on both MRSN and the work it does, and also the wider community that she so often helped. It’s even more impressive that Terrey managed to juggle her commitments to her teaching job and being a parent with her role at MRSN and yet never let her standards slip.

But it was always likely that someone of her talents would eventually be poached away! So while Terrey sadly leaving is absolutely MRSN’s loss, she will be an absolute gain for Citizen’s Advice, and her new full time job will finally see her being paid for doing something she both excels at and loves!

MRSN wishes Terrey the best of luck (not that she needs it!) and hope she will pop in to say hello whenever she can