Thank you to Dr Said

This week we got the pleasure of celebrating Dr Said for his dedication to volunteer with MRSN. After being granted Refugee status, Dr Said will begin his journey to pursue his profession as a paediatric doctor. 

From all of the staff and community that make up MRSN, thank you for volunteering your skills and time to help so many.

Dr Said from Pakistan was a service user who then became a volunteer worker at the Asylum Family Hotel where he was a great support to many individuals and families needing ESOL. Said is now starting on the journey to restart his profession as a Paediatric Doctor now that he has his Refugee status. We at MRSN and all the volunteers and recipients wish him and his loved ones much success and prosperity here in the UK. We will miss him and his amazing humour too. Thank you for all you have done for the community of refugees and asylum seekers in Manchester.