The Gift of a Laptop

A big thank you to one of our trusted local partnership landlords Mr Mcintosh who gladly offers his properties (when available) for rent to our at risk homeless refugees. 

Mr Mcintosh has exceeded our expectations yet once again by donating a laptop to one of our service users who recently was granted a degree placement at Bolton University. Having started his studies in January 2021 Umar (not his real name for confidential purposes) wondered how he’d begin studying during the lockdown. With studies now online and without access to the university computer suite, libraries, Internet cafes or access to other public places to gain internet access and to use a PC Umar was left feeling so disheartened.

Umar beamed with excitement at having received a much needed laptop from Mr Mcintosh yesterday. Umar exclaimed “now I can concentrate on my studies believing in myself that I will complete my course and get my degree.” 

Umar is desperately looking for part time work to substitute his income while studying as he embarks on making a future for himself. If you are able to assist Umar with is studies either by offering him part time employment, materials /resources for his studies or a room to rent as his tenancy is up at the end of February, then please email

Despite his many challenges, with your support, together we can help this one individual and many more like him overcome these hurdles in reaching their full potential.

Thank you for your kind support. 

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