Refugee Integration Service

The Refugee Integration Service (RIS) is a provision especially for people who in the last 9 months have been granted Humanitarian Protection, Refugee Leave or other Leave to Remain status. You can get support and guidance around what steps to take now that you have been given the right to reside in the UK. We are happy to help if you need support with any of the following and much more: 

  • Checking and ensuring you have the correct immigrations documents and ID card 
  • Welfare benefits e.g. Universal Credits 
  • Housing guidance and access to limited accommodation (subject to availability) 
  • Opening Bank Accounts 
  • ESOL registration 
  • Writing letters on your behalf and advocacy 
  • Employment support 
  • Access to education and training opportunities 
  • Access to health and other services 
  • Ongoing immigration advice 

In the event that we cannot offer direct support, we offer help with referrals and signposting to other specialist services in the area. 

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How our project makes a difference in people's lives

Huge thank you to the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Charity who help fund this project.