We humans are accustomed to measuring values, but I would say its priceless to see the happiness in someones eyes and glance of hope by helping them to help themselves and use their potential. And that is exactly MRSN have done in my life.

I feel so grateful to be in a position to write this testimony of how life can be great because of very few but very good people in this world.

They say God works in mysterious ways and I can see how he sends his help through these wonderful people.

I never thought I would be able to find a way back to my dream career I once longed for as a teenager.

Having my asylum claim turned down, it meant I had no longer had a chance to pursue my education or career. The refusal happened right after I graduated from university in Electrical Engineering. That left me in hopeless situation having almost no chance to have the basics needs met in my life. Therefore I became homeless and unemployed, and having to deal with the torture of bad memories left behind and face the challenge of surviving at the same time. The gender factor also played its role in bringing me down so often.

However, although I was in an unpleasant situation God has stregthened me through it all, and I really have met some wonderful people throughout those difficult times.
In this particular instance, I would like to bring to light those who helped me right at very important step of my life and waited for me with torch of light that signifies the hope and bright future ahead for me. And they are the staff at MRSN, who are giving me relentless genuine, friendly and humane support.
It was after 6 years of struggle in this situation, my life has completely changed when I went seeking for help at MRSN.

I met Alex at MRSN and I explained to him my situation, not believing so much in myself as I used to, but just hoping that I could at least take those baby steps. But he was very astonished when I explained to him, how I ended up being unemployed after graduation. He gave me his time to listen to me and gave me a thorough thought to figure out how he could help me. He immediately started pulling a CV together for me, even though it seemed impossible to fill with such a gap of unemployment.

At times, I feel hopeless and feel bad even for trying, but he would reach out to me as if he knew I was not feeling so confident. But the fact that he believed in me, slowly has made me appreciate what I got. He have also helped me realise what I have gone through is actually a resume itself when he listed all those skills I have acquired as a result of it.

Then he mentioned to me that he would contact other volunteers in MRSN and I was delighted to hear when he mentioned that one of them actually is an Engineer, Ashleigh who is also now my colleague.

Alex sent out my CV to all the companies we can think of and also to Ashleigh who works for a big engineering consultancy.

Ashleigh was very happy to reply back in no time, and basically kept in touch from then on and she also helped update the CV which was great job. Not only that she persistently was following me up, giving me advice, encouraging me and reassuring me that she would always support me.

Then, to my surprise Ashleigh said she could try and ask her boss to meet me and give his advice on how I can get back to the industry as a professional person. That was a huge step and really exiting news for me.

The firm is a leading building services engineering company established by one of the prominent engineers in British history.

So for me to meet the boss from that kind of company is an opportunity I had been waiting for as long as I remember.

Ashleigh introduced me to her manager, and he was very kind and so happy to give me his advice and share invaluable tips. But that did not end just there, he was very open minded and considerate enough to realise how hard it can be to find a job without experience even if I have a degree. He understood that I was in viscous cycle to get a job I need experience and vice versa. So right then and there he made me an offer to have a two weeks experience. I remember feeling so happy that I burst out in tears.

Two weeks on, again the good news kept flowing, I was given another 4 weeks. And only then I realised when you have a job you really love, there is not enough time. I really wished to get to stay as a permanent employee and when a graduate position opened, I applied and got an interview. By that time I felt comfortable to apply as I already had the experience. This eventually led to a permanent offer of my dream job. Which is really a very happy ending.

I am now on graduate engineer working alongside Ashleigh and our boss whom I met at the beginning, making every moment count.

Yes I was once at a point where I thought it was impossible, but MRSN thought otherwise and showed me it can be done. Sometimes all we need is a the right support and guidance and an opportunity to be given so we can give back to the world and make it a better place to live. I now dream big, I dream to bring others peoples dream come true or at least be there to tell them it can be done, and to always have faith.

We humans are accustomed to measuring values, but I would say its priceless to see the happiness in someone’s eyes and glance of hope and smile, by helping them to help themselves and use their potential. And that is exactly what MRSN have done in my life.

I can not thank you enough Alex and Ashleigh at MRSN, and also my company for being such an inclusive and progressive engineering firm. What makes a place great is the people in it, and it is a privilege to have met them all and share this wonderful experience.

Its a great joy for me when I think of MRSN being there for refugees and families in need, knowing that they would do their utmost best to reach out to them and provide help.