Thank You and Good Luck Suzie

It’s always sad when one of our best volunteers leaves MRSN, but sometimes we have to accept they have a good excuse. And moving to Jordan to study Arabic? That just about counts.

Suzie has been a supervised volunteer immigration advisor at our Wednesday drop-in for less than six months, but she has learned so much and is such a skilled support worker dealing with often complex areas of immigration law, that it feels like she’s been helping us for much, much longer. Suzie will often spend whole days at MRSN if she senses we are struggling and need the help, and she has become so knowledgeable in both wider immigration law and also the MRSN procedures that she is even able to train newer volunteers (who all assume that she’s been with MRSN for years!).

The main reason we’ll miss Suzie though, is that she is such an amazing and fun person to have around the office. Her friendliness and her sense of humour (plus her top notch music tastes!) means she always made every drop-in she was involved in an absolute joy. And she had such a great manner with clients that she seemed to make new best friends every week!

Good luck in Jordan, Sooz, and know that MRSN will always welcome you back