A day in the life of our work in hotels

In the last few months, our work in the hotels has expanded and we have taken on more volunteers to assist with this work. We started expanding our support as we wanted to provide practical support to help people settle into their new lives in the UK. Therefore we have advanced our ESOL work as well as our wellbeing support.


This is the ESOL session at one of the Contingency hotels run by Dexter Rolls our ESOL teacher and volunteer with other volunteers in support of this great work. The sessions are interactive and fun too as it makes learning more enjoyable and very successful for all who attend. The sessions have really taken off and are growing as the word spread around the hotels.


These are some pictures from the wellbeing Yoga session ran by Ros Prior one of our volunteers who is a qualified Yoga teacher. She had a room full of recipients from the hotel who gladly joined the session to enjoy an hour of relaxation and body tuning for their mind and body. Both men and women joined in the session and stated how it made a positive difference and so from this we will start a regular fortnightly session going forward.

To learn more about our work in the hotels click here and to find out how you could get involved, click here.