In Memory of Dot

Dorothy, recently diagnosed with terminal cancer contacted MRSN to say she’d like to leave her household items and furniture to MRSN housing appeal for refugees setting up homes. Sadly the late Dot passed away, may she Rest In Peace. 

With her list in hand our housing support worker set about sorting through the items Dot had left in her home for us to take anything that could support one of our refugees in rebuilding their lives. One of the recipients who just got a council flat came along too and was practically able to furnish her whole flat. We noticed Dorothy had a collection of wooden ornamental boxes of all shapes, colours and sizes. The recipient said back home she too collected ornamental boxes of all kinds and immediately fell in love with all of Dots boxes which seems had been left especially for her. What she lost back home, she found in this gift from Dot.

We managed to share out other remaining items of Dots among another five refugee households. The housing support worker for this case did not accept your funds for her pay and requested it be donated back to the housing appeal. Your donation helped pay for a local man with a van.  Mohamed being this man, who too was previously a refugee, at no extra cost he dismantled wardrobes and other items and reassembled them when the goods arrived at their new homes. On behalf of our delighted recipients, we at MRSN say a huge thank you for helping turn houses into homes. Your kind support and donations goes a long way to making our refugees feel right at home.

In loving memory of Dot, MRSN kept these fridge magnets we now display on the fridge we use for our food destitution project. 

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