Supporting people with diabetes

Our food parcels at the destitute project don’t just support people in extreme financial destitution. They also mean people can live a healthier lifestyle.

We have a young man in his early 20’s who has been attending the RIS drop in’s and was seen by one of our RIS case workers, Sophie. 

Sophie realised there was a need for the destitution project to step in and referred the young man on to Jennifer, the Destitute Project Coordinator. This man was in desperate need of support not only with housing as he is in a hostel at present but he is also diabetic. Due to his Nass Support being only £37 per week he is finding it difficult to eat healthily as the money is not enough to provide nutritional foods which contains low carbs and reduced amounts of sugar.

This financial support cannot meet the price demand for food types for a diabetic so he is forced to purchase cheaper brands and foods that contain lots of carbs and sugar. He cannot afford the regular diet of fresh fruit and veg these can be very expensive.

Jennifer at the destitute project works hard to source fresh fruit and veg and we are now supporting him with fresh fruits and vegetables and other food types so that he can sustain and maintain his sugar levels.

This lowers the risks to his diabetes getting out of control and him ending up in hospital at this time of covid19 which as a BAME person is high risk in itself.

He is delighted to be getting his regular food parcel especially the fresh fruits and vegetables.

This is just some of the many stories of people we have supported through our projects at MRSN. 

In order that we can do more to help people through this project, we need to continue to raise money through regular giving or one off donations.

If you would like to donate financially, or help us share word of this, please click here.